Mission Projects

In 2019 GLAR Director Pastor Royal Harrison took the initiative to take the region from Greater to Global. Pastor Harrison wanted GLAR to reach the world through missionary efforts in Thailand. “There is a world of need out there and I wanted our churches in the GLAR to be a part of the global mission field” says Pastor Harrison. The initiative was well received through out GLAR by the Pastors and church members.

The Delaware Avenue SDA Church is one church making an impact globally. Delaware SDA, working with Bottles 4 Life (B4L) inc, a nonprofit organization started by one of their members, Elder Fedly Bonneau, whom Pastor Harrison has partnered with to help GLAR go global, took on a project at the Naung Bo Den (NBD) Learning Center to provide the students with shower rooms. Pastor Roger Frazier and the church members decided to jump in and follow the lead of Pastor Harrison upon hearing that the students were taking showers outside in the open, or walking to a local river to bathe. “God calls us to be his hands and His feet and once we heard the need we knew we had to help” explained Pastor Frazier.

The Naung Bo Den Learning Center has been operating since June 2017, and the school building was built by the young adults from the San Luis Obispo SDA church in Central California Conference. The Learning Center has been expanding ever since with help from various groups in organizations in the Pacific Union. Pastor Harrison goes on to say “when you have one of your members doing a great work, you want to support and push that work. It was great to have Bottles 4 Life inc established in Mae Sot to be a launching point for our work globally”.

In their January 31st board meeting the Delaware Avenue church voted to raise funds to have the shower rooms built not knowing the next day the Myanmar Military would launch a coup against the Democratic government of Myanmar, thus having the students at NBD waking up worrying about their families and needing a some good news. The news came to the students, who are all from Myanmar, about the showers on February 1st. The school principal for NBD says “the kids woke up to sad news that morning that Myanmar was under a military coup again, and here comes Jesus sending a glimmer of hope with the announcement of Delaware SDA donating the shower rooms. It brought a sense of excitement and took the students mind off the bad news for a moment.”

The staff at B4L were an amazement at God’s working, most staff members of the organization could only say “you can’t make this stuff up, the work God works continues to amaze us”. The shower rooms were completed at the end of February, it’s a building with 5 rooms for girls and 5 rooms for boys to shower in. Pastor Harrison was more than thrilled to hear about the shower rooms built by Delaware SDA. “I’m praising God that the work still continues within the region on the global front. I knew when I flew to Thailand and B4L had me take an 18 hour plane ride to Taiwan, followed by a 5 hour plane ride to Bangkok, and then an 8 hour drive to Mae Sot, that they were about the mission.” The shower rooms is another step in the health initiatives of B4L to emphasize personal hygiene and cleanliness. This truly is showers of blessings for the students at NBD.

Check out the videos to see all that Elder Fedly is doing on behalf of Delaware Avenue SDA!

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